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COVID-19 Basics

The latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization on the virus, including background, health guidelines, and travel advisories.

Background on COVID-19

An overview on the source and how the virus spreads (CDC)

COVID-19 Basics

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses (World Health Organization)

How the Virus Spreads

Details on the transmission of COVID-19 (CDC)


Medical information on symptoms (World Health Organization)

Protection and Prevention

Travel Advisories

Information about COVID-19 for travelers and travel-related industries (CDC)

CSU System Updates

California State University Campuses to Accelerate Transition to Virtual Instruction
​To better implement mass gathering guidelines​ established by the California Department of Health, all California State University campuses will immediately transition in-person operations of the university to a virtual mode.​​ (March 18)

California State University Update on Coronavirus-Related Actions​​
With the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to spread as more cases are identified throughout California, the California State University Office of the Chancellor has provided additional guidance to its 23 campuses. (​March 10)

COVID-19 and CSU Students Abroad in Korea and Italy
The CSU systemwide International Programs (IP) have made the decision to suspend the program in Seoul, South Korea. (Feb. 27)​

Travel Restriction to Entire Country of China
Please be aware that the State Department has raised the threat level for travel to China to level 4. Effective immediately, travel to the entire country of China is not authorized. (January 31)