California State University Update on Summer Travel

April 29, 2020 - 3:35pm

The following update on international and non-essential domestic travel guidelines was sent by The California State University Chancellor’s Office. Please visit the CSU's website about the coronavirus for additional information.​ For official Humboldt State updates related to COVID-19, go to

 COVID-19 Update: Travel Suspension Extended

This document updates travel guidance and related communications to CSU presidents dated March 4, March 9, March 13, and March 19, 2020, and extends the suspension of all international and non-essential domestic travel to July 31, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Presidents may extend the travel restriction beyond that date based on local circumstances.

Determinations about how best to protect our university community (within the U.S. and abroad) are informed by evolving guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. State Department, as well as state and local public health agencies. To date, the U.S. State Department continues to maintain a Level 4 Travel Advisory applicable to worldwide travel. A Level 4: Do Not Travel advisory is the highest warning level due to a greater likelihood of life-threatening risks. During an emergency of this magnitude, the U.S. government may have very limited ability to assist individuals traveling outside of the U.S; accordingly, the State Department has advised U.S. citizens to avoid travel and to return to the United States as soon as it is safe to do so. 

CSU campuses and their auxiliary organizations will therefore continue the suspension of all international and non-essential domestic travel through July 31, 2020. We regularly monitor data from local, state, national and international agencies and organizations, and may modify the temporal or geographical restrictions in this directive if warranted by future developments. Based on the above considerations, we will review this travel restriction by mid-June.

Campus presidents may provide an exception in extenuating and compelling circumstances; however, this authority shall not be delegated. When considering requests for an exception, presidents shall consider the following factors, along with other relevant factors as determined by the president:

  • Necessity of the proposed travel, including consequences of postponing travel

  • Needs and preferences of the individual

  • Availability of safe and secure shelter at the destination

  • Availability of appropriate medical care at the destination

  • Availability of transportation, services, and other necessities at the destination

  • Assessment of risks associated with traveling versus risks of remaining in place

Upon consideration of the factors above and others as determined by the campus president, the campus president is authorized to approve and/or arrange international and domestic travel. This authority shall not be delegated, and any prior delegations of authority of travel are rescinded. Individuals granted exceptions to travel must observe local health guidelines upon their return. Presidents who grant an exception to the travel suspension must create a written memorialization of how the circumstances were extenuating and compelling, using the factors above.

Circumstances and conditions in any country may, of course, change at any time and we will provide updated information as available.

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