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Cancelling Travel Through Concur and Accounts Payable

Humboldt State has suspended all non-essential travel for the remainder of the Spring semester consistent with CSU guidelines intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  As a result, our office would like to offer some guidance on how to cancel trips through Concur and Accounts Payable.

Concur Travel: Use this guide to properly cancel your trip through Concur.  Please note that if you booked a hotel or rental car outside of Concur, you will need to contact these agencies directly to cancel reservations.  Contacting the hotel or rental car agencies as quickly as possible will help avoid cancelation fees.  Add “Covid-19” into the Comment section of your cancelled request.  Please cancel your trip as soon as possible.

When calling a hotel to cancel, please make every effort to receive a travel credit, which will apply to future University business travel through Concur.  If a credit cannot be obtained, any transactions purchased through Concur or on the travel card will still need to be expensed out.

If you have any questions regarding Concur, please contact Kearney Vander Sal at ext. 5791 or, and she will be able to assist you.


Travel Authorization: If you submitted a paper travel authorization form to Accounts Payable for processing, please contact Patti Cady at ext. 3303 or in order to properly cancel your travel authorization.

Travelers should collect and maintain documentation about any refunds or credit.  Any refund requests that were denied are eligible for reimbursement (with supporting documentation showing the refund request was denied).