HSU and the County’s New ‘Shelter in Place’ Order

March 19, 2020 - 2:55pm
  • HSU’s current plans are aligned with the order.

  • Essential employees in support of critical functions will work on campus. All other employees must telecommute.

  • Everyone is asked to maintain social distancing of 6 feet.


Humboldt County has announced that, effective at midnight, there will be a “shelter in place” order effective through April 9, 2020 (pdf). The order is intended to ensure that people self-isolate in their residence to the extent possible. Some exceptions are for essential services such as obtaining medical care or supplies, grocery shopping, refilling prescriptions, and caring for an ill family member. Individuals are expected to maintain social distancing of 6 feet.

Humboldt State University’s current plans and actions align with the goals of this order. As we continue to implement these plans, we will continuously assess whether new approaches and guidelines are needed.


Essential employees

Those essential employees needed to maintain critical services on campus - including public safety, information technology, the library, university center, health center, Oh SNAP!, residence life, dining, facilities management, research continuity, business services, payroll, and mail distribution - must report to campus as required by their supervisor. Please contact your supervisor. This limited number of essential employees will be on campus to ensure continuity of critical services outlined. All non-essential staff should plan to begin telecommuting on Friday, March 20 and telecommute for the remainder of the spring semester.


Instruction and support

All classes will continue as planned in alternative modalities. Resident students may continue to access computers at the Library and Siemens Hall 118 and 119 using social distancing. Residence halls, the J, and University Center will remain open for those students who are still living on campus. ALL other events and activities are cancelled.  

Faculty will be engaged remotely in preparing to teach using an alternative modality March 23-25. Instruction in alternate modalities begins for students on Thursday, March 26. The COVID-19 situation continues to change rapidly and to assure instructional continuity, teaching operations need to be fully virtual by Thursday, March 26. In preparation for this, faculty will need to move their teaching operation from their offices on campus by close of business Wednesday, March 25. After that, only approved essential personnel and remaining resident students are allowed on campus. As of 5 p.m., Wednesday, March 25 all campus facilities considered non-critical will be locked in the evenings and with limited, pre-approved access during daytime hours.

As we obtain further clarity from local and state health authorities, the CSU Chancellor’s Office, and the Governor’s Office, these guidelines may be adjusted.

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