Important COVID-19 Employment Information

March 24, 2020 - 1:50pm

Since our last employee memorandum, the Chancellor’s Office provided systemwide guidance on COVID-19 employee matters. As a result of the communication, we have revised the FAQs related to Human Resources to include CSU mandates and to clarify additional information for supervisors and employees. The employment-related FAQs will be updated as new information is available.

Which Employees are NOT Allowed to come to Campus Right Now?
Employees, including students, who are 65-years-old or older and who have an underlying health condition that make them vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus are prohibited from coming onto campus and are strongly advised to self-quarantine during this time. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control website for more information regarding underlying health conditions here. Employees who are 65-years-old or older or have an underlying health condition may telecommute.

Who Else is Telecommuting and What Does it Require?
All staff not identified as essential for critical functions on campus should telecommute given the order from the Governor for all California residents to shelter in place. An HSU website has multiple resources for working from home

All staff, regardless of state-side or auxiliary funding source, as well as student employees, must consult with their supervisor and complete, sign, and submit the temporary telecommuting agreement. Faculty do not need to sign this form. 

If prompted to log in, click the option to “Continue with Google” and select or enter your HSU account and log in through MyHumboldt. 

The appropriate Vice President, working through the appropriate supervisors, will approve staff telecommuting forms.

Faculty will begin telecommuting and teaching from home no later than Thursday, March 26. Faculty should limit their time on campus before then to only what is necessary to prepare to teach from home. Faculty will continue to have access to their offices through March 25. TAs who are an instructor of record should follow protocols similar to faculty as far as moving their courses to a virtual format.  They should consult with their department faculty for assistance. HSU’s Information Technology Services has been working hard to help the campus switch to alternate modes of instruction. Please consult the Keep Teaching website for all of the latest information.

Can my Supervisor/Appropriate Administrator Make me Come to Campus to Work?
Those essential employees needed to maintain critical services on campus - including public safety, information technology, the library, university center, health center, Oh SNAP!, residence life, dining, facilities management, research continuity, business services, payroll, and mail distribution - must report to campus as required by their supervisor. Please contact your supervisor. This limited number of essential employees will be on campus to ensure business continuity of the critical services outlined. 

I am a Student Employee. Can I keep working?
Student Employees should continue to perform the work for which they were appointed (or similar work) and at their appointed time base.  They should work closely with their supervisor to determine their responsibilities while telecommuting. If needed, student employees may be reassigned to a position that has the same funding source. If their supervisor is not able to transition job functions to telecommuting, students will continue to be paid for their regularly scheduled time. For example, if student employees are scheduled to work every Monday and Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., they will continue to be paid for those hours even if they are unable to telecommute or their schedule is reduced.  Student employees who are telecommuting should read the guidelines on telecommuting for staff and managers and complete the telecommuting form. 

Important note - student employees may only be reassigned to positions with the same funding source (state-side vs. auxiliary). 

Am I Eligible for Paid Administrative Leave?
A. Employees 65-years-old and older or have an underlying health condition that make them vulnerable to COVID-19. Employees under this category are placed on paid administrative leave until they can return to campus if they cannot telecommute. 

B. State Staff Employees (Excluding Retired Annuitants, Intermittent Hourly and Immediate Pay Employees)
All other state staff employees are expected to work if directed by their appropriate administrator.  If an employee cannot work on campus or telecommute, 128 hours of prorated, one-time paid administrative leave is available, starting March 23, in the following situations:

i.  When an employee is unable to work due to the employee’s own COVID-19-reated illness or that of a family member who the employee would normally be able to use sick leave for; 
ii. When an employee is unable to work because the employee has been directed by their supervisor or healthcare provider not to come to the worksite for COVID-19-related reasons and/or it is not operationally feasible for the employee to work remotely; and
iii. When an employee is unable to work due to a COVID-19-related school or daycare closure and the employee is required to be at home with a child or dependent, and it is not operationally feasible for the employee to work remotely or in conjunction with the childcare commitment.  

The 128 hours of paid admin leave, as outlined above, is prorated (e.g. an employee who works 40 hours per week has 128 hours of one-time leave available while an employee working 20 hours per week has 64 hours available) and must be used by December 31, 2020. Hours may be used intermittently. This leave must be used in consultation with the employee’s supervisor or appropriate administrator, provided that such use does not adversely affect the delivery of essential university services. Thereafter, the employee will have to use personal leave accruals. 

C. If you are employed by a campus auxiliary, please consult with your auxiliary employer for specific guidance (UC, AS, SPF).
D. Retired Annuitants, Intermittent Hourly, and Immediate Pay (e.g. Special Consultants) Employees

These three categories of employees are not eligible for any paid administrative leave.

Departments should immediately contact the Human Resources Department for any assistance needed in administering leave.  

What other Types of Leave are Available to Employees?
Employees who are not eligible for the paid administrative leaves outlined above, or have exhausted that leave, still have their personal leave available and should use their leave in the following order for COVID-19-related reasons:
i. Sick Leave
ii. Vacation Leave
iii. Personal Holiday
iv. Catastrophic Leave - only available for those that have a certified catastrophic injury/illness or to care for an immediate family member with a certified catastrophic injury/illness and all sick and vacation leave have been used. Employees may be required to apply for non-industrial disability insurance. Please contact Benefits in HR at for any questions regarding catastrophic leave. 
v. Family Medical Leave (FML) - FML is unpaid, job-protected leave available for yourself or to care for your spouse, child, or parent who has a serious certified health condition. Please contact Benefits in HR at for any questions regarding catastrophic leave. 

May I receive Emergency Pay for Having to Come to Campus, Similar to the Power Outages?
Some collective bargaining agreements allow for emergency pay when certain emergency situations exist in addition to campus closing. Campus is not closed. There is no emergency pay right now. 

 How many Hours can I Work Right Now?
A. Student Employees 

Student employees may work up to 20 hours per week during school sessions without negatively impacting their financial aid. 
B. All other Staff
Staff should work their regular schedule. As usual, employees may not work overtime without approval of their appropriate administrator. 

How do I submit a Timesheet if I cannot Come onto Campus?
The Payroll Department is currently working on creating digital timesheets that may be submitted electronically. Regular hard copies are also acceptable for those on campus.  

I can’t come onto Campus and I do not have Direct Deposit.  How do I get my Paycheck?
Payroll and Financial Services will be sending out a communication addressing this issue shortly.

Who do I Contact for Support?
A. HSU, Sponsored Program Foundation (SPF), and Associated Student (AS) Employees
Please contact Human Resources at (707) 826-3626 if you have any questions. You may also reach us at, fax documents to (707) 826-3625, or drop by our new office hours, 8am-5pm Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. You may reach Payroll at (707) 826-4918. Academic Student Employees (Unit 11 ISAs, GAs, and TAs) should reach Academic Personnel Services (APS) at (707) 826-5086.
B. University Center (UC) Employees
UC employees may reach the main office line by calling (707) 826-5982 or email

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