Instructional Continuity Information

March 19, 2020 - 4:28pm

The following message was sent to the campus faculty today:

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

The COVID-19 situation continues to change rapidly. To assure instructional continuity, teaching operations need to be fully virtual by Thursday, March 26. Further, you will have access to your office only for the purpose of gathering what you need. You will need to move your on campus teaching operations to an off campus location by close of business Wednesday, March 25.

In preparation for this change, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is hosting a series of hourly demonstration sessions to help faculty prepare to move their instruction to virtual. The sessions, scheduled for March 23 and 24, will mirror each other, so if you miss something on day one it will be available again on day two. Each session will also have accompanying digital resources.

The CTL sessions will be on Zoom and will address a range of topics regarding re-designing courses for the digital environment and remote teaching and learning. Topics will include: how to set up your Canvas course/s, utilizing groups in Zoom, holding meetings with Google Meet, student engagement, assessment and speed grader, humanizing instruction in an online environment, and many more. Visit the CTL’s Keep Teaching website for a full schedule and the Zoom meeting links.

Wednesday, March 25 is dedicated time for you to finalize your courses. Please email or if you would like instructional design support and to address any Canvas technical issues. Additionally, faculty and staff eLearning Ambassadors can provide additional support and guidance for shifting instruction to virtual platforms. A list of eLearning Ambassadors is available in the drop-down list of the Keep Teaching tab located at the top of the CTL website.

Please take a moment to see other resources available under the Keep Teaching drop-down tab and on the Keep Teaching home page, as well as the FERPA document. As we all prepare for this transition, please know that we recognize how disrupting this situation has been and we are working hard to provide you with as much support as possible.

Thank you for your patience, your understanding, and for all of the efforts you have made to maintain instructional continuity for our students during these unpredictable and unprecedented times.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Mary Oling-Sisay

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies

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