Instructions on Purchases and Travel Cancellations

March 18, 2020 - 4:35pm

Humboldt State has suspended all non-essential travel for the remainder of the Spring semester, which is consistent with CSU guidelines that are intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Here’s some guidance for staff and faculty on instructions for making purchases and how to cancel trips through Concur and Accounts Payable.



General Purchasing

Employees can make purchases that are related and not related to COVID-19.
However, because HSU has implemented social distancing, please do not use Campus Marketplace to purchase items, which are automatically shipped to campus. 

Purchasing Not Related to COVID-19

Make purchases using your ProCard through other suppliers to allow for shipping to off-campus locations. For contracted pricing rates please contact Dave Woods at

Purchasing Related to COVID-19: Follow the instructions below.  
In order for campus to be eligible for FEMA reimbursement for purchases related to COVID-19 expenses, purchase requests must be approved through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). For out-of-pocket (non-payroll) expenses that are above and beyond normal business purchases, see the instructions below:

Please submit the ICS Form 213 RR to your divisional EOC approver for preliminary review:

Requests deemed appropriate at the division level will then be forwarded to for EOC review and approval. Requests will be approved by email and areas will receive specific instructions at that time (chartfield, procard reconciliation, etc.).

We have established a unique fund for tracking approved COVID-19 general fund expenditures. Expenses that do not go through the EOC pre-approval process will not be reimbursed to the department.

Please share this information with your respective areas and email if you have any questions.


Use this guide to properly cancel your trip through Concur. Please note that if you booked any travel outside of Concur, you will need to contact those agencies directly to cancel reservations. Contacting the agencies as quickly as possible will help avoid cancelation fees. Add “COVID-19” into the comment section of your canceled request. 

Travelers must make every effort to cancel or change existing reservations and seek a refund for any advance payments. Travelers with out-of-pocket expenses who are not able to obtain a refund and were not issued a credit or voucher will be reimbursed for these expenses. Credits and vouchers will be treated as advances, and will be applied to future business travel. Documentation supporting the cancellation of the trip must be included in the traveler’s Expense Report, as well as support for the initial purchase and the subsequent attempt to cancel.

If you have any questions regarding Concur, please contact Kearney Vander Sal, and she will be able to assist you.

Travel Authorization
If you submitted a paper travel authorization form to Accounts Payable for processing, please contact Patti Cady at in order to properly cancel your travel authorization.


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